Funny Pranks To Play On Your Friends



Here are a few hilarious pranks that you can play on your friends! Pranks are a great way to have some harmless fun and get your friend's attention.


1. Put a whoopee cushion on their chair

If you want to give your friend a good startle, then put a whoopee cushion on their chair! When they go to sit down, they'll get a big surprise... and maybe a little bit of embarrassment. Just make sure that you don't put the whoopee cushion on their chair while they're already sitting in it. That would just be mean.

2. Put Saran Wrap over the toilet seat

Saran Wrap is an easy and effective way to prank your friend. Simply cover the toilet seat with Saran Wrap, and watch your friend's reaction when they go to use the bathroom. This prank is sure to get a laugh, and it's also a great way to teach your friend a lesson about cleanliness.

3. Fill their shoes with water

If you want to prank your friend, one good way to do it is to fill their shoes with water. You can do this while they are sleeping or away from home. All you need is a container of water and their shoes.To fill their shoes with water, simply pour the water into the shoes until they are full. Make sure to do this quickly so that the water doesn't have time to evaporate. Once the shoes are full, put them back in their place and wait for your friend to return.When they put their shoes on, the water will start to leak out and they will get wet feet. This is sure to give them a good laugh – and maybe a cold!

4. Glue googly eyes on everything in their room

If your friend is the type who loves all things cute and cuddly, then this prank is sure to drive them insane! Googly eyes are available at any craft store, and all you need to do is glue them onto everything in your friend's room - from their bedside lamp to their alarm clock. For an extra touch of craziness, try mismatched sizes of googly eyes for a truly unsettling effect.

5. Tape their door shut so they can't get out

To execute this prank, you'll need some supplies. First, get a roll of duct tape. Next, find your victim's door and make sure it's closed. Once you've confirmed the door is shut, begin wrapping the duct tape around the door, sealing it shut. Be sure to use enough tape so that your victim won't be able to open the door from the inside. Now stand back and wait for the fun to begin!

6. Replace all of the furniture in their room with cardboard cutouts

To really give your friend a good scare, replace all of the furniture in their room with cardboard cutouts. You can find a variety of these online or make your own. Either way, they'll be in for quite a shock when they come home and see all of their furniture has been replaced with cardboard cutouts!

7. Put a bucket of water above their door so it falls on them when they walk in

If you want to prank your friends, one idea is to put a bucket of water above their door so it falls on them when they walk in. This will definitely surprise them and maybe even soak them! You can set this up by putting a bucket on top of a door frame or tie it to a doorknob so it falls down when the door is opened. Just make sure your friend isn't too close to the door when they open it, or they might get hit in the head with the bucket!

8. Superglue their remote control to the coffee table

If your friend is always losing their remote control, you can play a prank on them by supergluing it to the coffee table. This will make it harder for them to lose track of the remote, and they'll have to go through the hassle of getting the glue off before they can use it again.

9. Cover their car in post-it notes

If you're looking for a prank that will really annoy your friend, try covering their car in post-it notes! This prank is sure to give them a good chuckle, and it will also be very difficult for them to remove all of the post-it notes without damaging their paint job.To pull off this prank, you'll need to buy a bunch of post-it notes in various colors. Then, simply start sticking them all over your friend's car! Make sure to cover every inch of the car, so that they won't be able to miss your handiwork.Once you're done, stand back and admire your handiwork. Your friend is sure to be annoyed when they see their car covered in post-it notes, but they'll also probably get a good laugh out of it. Just make sure not to get caught, or you may be the one who ends up getting pranked!

10. Tie their shoelaces together

If you want to prank your friend, one classic prank is to tie their shoelaces together! This will leave them tripping over their own feet and wondering what's going on. To do this prank, simply tie the laces of your friend's shoes together so that they are connected. You can make a knot or use a piece of string to tie them together. Then, stand back and watch the hilarity ensue!


If you're looking for some laughs, then try out these funny pranks to play on your friends. From the simple and harmless to the more elaborate and mischievous, there's sure to be a prank that will suit your fancy. Just remember to use common sense and not to do anything that could cause serious harm or damage to property. With that in mind, have fun and enjoy playing a few harmless pranks on your unsuspecting friends!